What is Google SEO Update?

Google SEO updates.
what is Google SEO update?
how do they work?
how many types of these updates?

these are the questions that you must be looking for well, today in this I will try to clear these questions.
But let’s start with the basic one

what is Google SEO update?

Google does a lot of research on the preference of viewers and the market before ranking any site. SEO has an important part in this. SEO(search engine optimization) ranks the website by keeping many factors in mind such as content, relevancy and more. Apparently, google decide which site should be optimized on its google index than it also decides which site should de-rank or should be given low SEO scores because of the overall content.

To perform this task Google comes up with new updates in order to secure the search engine as well as customers from spam sites. There are many updates that Google has launched some of them small for minor problems however some of them are a major part of Google platform. these upgrades basically are algorithms that Google create and each one has a specific purpose to deal with. or let’s just each update targets different aspects of the page.

Here is the list of some major Google SEO updates.


This particular upgrade is designed to identify thin content and low-quality content. Spam sites manipulate search engine and result with pages containing thin content (the thin content is a content which includes less valuable and meaningful information but more ads and spammy links). Using fewer words of relevant content and non-human-friendly content is a strategy to rank a website.
But the panda algorithm makes sure to eliminate this kind of sites from search results. This update was launched by Google on February 24, 2011. since then this is considered an important algorithm of google.

1. This update filters out sites with too many irrelevant outbound links.
2. It likes new and human-friendly content.
3. A site with quality content filled with useful information is optimized by this update.
4. Prevent pages with the same keyword used multiple times (just to obtain SEO score).
5. Check out unfinished pages.


Google Hummingbird algorithm was added by Google in august 2013 in its list. This update mainly focuses on long phrases rather than a particular keyword. It creates a pattern of searched phrases and scans to figure out the meaning behind it, not keywords. It gives the best possible outcome of that phrase.
The upgrade works for both mobile and desktop search engines. If you want to rank your website maintain the human-friendly content because most of the long term phrases contain usage of common language rather than robot style.

1. Write content by keeping in mind your audience, not SEO rankings. 2. This the best way to make the impression.
3. Easy keyword stuffing.
4. effective for long-tail phrases.
5. Try to find the meaning behind the phrase, not keywords


It is also one of the most successful google updates. Penguin’s motive is to de-rank the sites with spam links. This update eliminates sites contains spam links and irrelevant backlinks in order to rank a page on search index.
Avoid adding unnecessary backlinks in your page. April 2012 launched update only boost up sites with strong and capable content. Before the update was introduced more than 60% of sites were linked with spam links and having poor content quality. But after the launching of the penguin update, the percentage of these sites decreased dramatically.

1. Hurt the sites with unauthorized spam links.
2. promote quality content.
3. De-rank pages with irrelevant backlinks.


The algorithm was launched in July 26, 2014, is also one of the major updates. The local search has an important contribution to this update because it mostly shows local searches on the google index. It ranks and optimizes the local searches depend on the area.
Of course, if you have strong content and your site is linked with authorized links, it will optimize your site on local search results. Pigeon update maintains the tie-up between local algorithms and core algorithms. While all you have to do is create google my business page and fill out the procedure steps. It will rank your page locally. Optimize your page on the base of your audience because of this what gives you traffic.
you are all set to rank.

1. Show local search results
2.promote quality and performance-based results locally.
3. Give you more local traffic if your website is in local directories.
4. The optimization page is better but over-optimization is not for this update.
5. Having a strong domain also play a role.


Today there are more than before people who use mobile as a search engine. That is why this update is introduced on April 21, 2015. this algorithm optimizes the mobile-friendly site on mobile search results. It does not hurt the ranking desktop though.
It gives your site lift up in mobile search results. if your site is maintained according to mobile search results. You can attract both mobile and desktop traffic. Social Media is a big advantage that is mostly used in mobile. You can spread your page on it. Mobile update tests the mobile-friendliness of the site and gives rank accordingly through its mobile-friendly test tool.

1. Optimize the page on the mobile search index according to the content.
2. It provides traffic from both mobile and desktop.
3. Google will show AMP URLs before App deep link URLs in mobile results.


Google pirate update is filter algorithms which spam the sites with copyright and illegal content. It was launched in August 2012. This update de-rank those sites which are filled with illegal information. Since the introduction of this upgrade, many of the sites vanished from search results.
Mostly the sites such as torrent that has illegal links of movies, songs and games are prevented by this update. Do not copyright data from any site without asking the owner. Otherwise, it will not only cause you a low ranking on search results but also some serious penalties.

1. Hurt the SEO rankings of pirated sites.
2. Could spam the illegal sites.


The September 2012 launched update is specially designed to eliminate sites with only matching search term results. These kinds of sites are filled with low-quality content but have matched search terms in their domains.
EMD update set to reduce low-quality sites with high-quality search keywords.

1. Prevent sites with low-quality content and matching search terms in their domain.


This algorithm was launched on 26 October 2015 is based on machine-learning. Google uses it to get better and matchable results to the queries. Meanwhile, it shows the relevant search result matching the searched keyword. The rank brain is also capable of learning itself for further better results.
It is not only efficient in finding the best matching result. It also used as SEO. As it presents best-related results to keyphrase, this update scan page content to give it more optimization. It means better the content better than the ranking. So, use an attractive element and human-friendly content.

1. Work as an SEO
2. It has the ability to learn itself so that it can come up with better results next time.
3. Machine learning components
4. Boost up the quality content sites.

So, these are some major Google SEO updates. Although Google comes up with a new update every month. You can check them on google site.

Hope you find it interesting and useful.

Thanks for reading.

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